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Machines For Manufacturing & Repairing

Plating equipment, Dust Extractors, Motors, Soldering machines, Steamcleaners, Forming tools etc. plus related machine maintenance products

Barrel Polishing & Finishing Machines

Soldering Torches

Forming Tools For Jewellery Making

Durston Rolling Mills

Bench Lamps & Magnifiers

Benches For Jewellers


Microscopes For Setters


Air Compressor Ultra Quiet


Microscopes For Laboratories


New PUK 5 Precision Welder

New PUK Precision Welders with Microscope & Pivoting Arm option
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Hand Tools

Pliers, Cutters, Hammers, Tweezers, Eyeglasses, Files, Busch Burs, Bench & setting tools etc.

Saw Frames Best Quality German Made


Super Pike Sawblades

Jewelers' Sawblades, Swiss Made

Manufactured premium quality Jewelers’ Sawblades at Scies Miniatures, owned by Grobet USA, for over half a century. The only sawblade manufacturer in Vallorbe, Switzerland, and the finest jewelers’ sawblades in the world. Each blade is manufactured to exacting tolerances for angle, size and cut of each tooth.

Legor Plating Products

Legor Group operates in the gold jewellery market, offering the customer one single reference point for the most complex problems connected with jewellery and fashion production processes with a particular focus on production and materials technology. It is therefore also a specialist consultant in metallurgy and materials engineering for sectors that use allied processes.


Vallorbe Files & Gravers


Busch Burs Drills & Beading Tools

Busch Ball, Bearing, Setting Burs etc. plus drill and beading toolsets
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Edenta Polishing Wheels

A range of precision instruments for jewellers and goldsmiths was developed for the specific use of the jewellery industry.
Edenta instruments have special blade configurations and cutting geometries, which are tailored to the different materials, ensuring maximum precision and optimum results!

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Watchmaking Tools Machines & Cleaning Fluids

Watchmaking Tools, L & R Watch & Clock Fluids

Polish, Buffs, Chemicals etc

polish for metals, flux, borax, pickle, solder boards etc. plus motor mops brushes, felts, wheels, discs etc.

Carving Waxes & Tools

Waxes & wax carving tools

Emery Paper & Boards

Sundry Items

Silver Blackener Etc.

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Value Tool Range


Ultrasonic Machines Value Range

CS 2000 700x448

Scales & Stone Testers

Jewellery Cleaning Cloths & Liquids

System 2000 Ear Piercing Studs

Clock Movements

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