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Silver Sparkle 50ml

Silver sparkle jewellery cleaner is very easy to use. Simply place each item in the dipping basket, leave it for two minutes. Then rinse it in running water.; Purchase / More info ››
SP264 € 5.08
£ 4.61
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Silver Cleaning Kit

Silver cleaning kit includes 2 silver polish tissues and a specially impregnated silver polishing cloth 12.5x17.5cm. The special quality of the tissues makes them ideal for use on a wide variety of items, from silver trays and cutlery to jewellery. As well as ...; Purchase / More info ››
SC217 € 2.50
£ 2.27
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Silver Cloth 12.5 x 17.5cm

Silver polishing cloth is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their jewellery clean and sparkling wherever they are. A gentle rub from time to time will keep your silver looking clean and bright at all times.; Purchase / More info ››
SC220 € 2.05
£ 1.86
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Anti Tarnish Silver Polish Spray

This polish is a joy to use. A swift shake of the bottle, a carefully-directed spray and a polish up with a soft cloth will give your silver long-lasting protection against tarnish. Useful for smaller items of silver jewellery. 50ml.; Purchase / More info ››
SS257 € 5.65
£ 5.13
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Gold Sparkle 50ml

Dip your jewellery into the cleaning liquid. Check your jewellery after two minutes and, if necessary, repeat the process until your jewellery is clean. Do not leave items immersed for long periods. Remove any embedded dirt with the brush, and dry with a soft,...; Purchase / More info ››
GS263 € 5.08
£ 4.61
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Gold Jewellery Cloth 12.5 x 17.5cm

This fine grade polishing cloth will not only preserve the beautiful lustre of your golden jewellery, it also has protective qualities, which will remain effective so long as you do not wash it.; Purchase / More info ››
GC221 € 2.05
£ 1.86
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Gold Jewellery Care Kit

Using one of the sparkle tissues and the gold polishing cloth, you will be able to heighten the lustre of all your precious metal items. 2 sachets 1 cloth 12.7x17.5cm.; Purchase / More info ››
GC218 € 2.50
£ 2.27
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Pearl Spray 50ml

This product is so easy to use! All you have to do is spray the special liquid onto your pearls, taking care not to wet the necklace thread. Then clean the jewels with a soft, dry cloth.; Purchase / More info ››
PS252 € 5.65
£ 5.13
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Pearl Care Kit

This handy little Kit contains two Pearl Tissues and a Pearl Polishing Cloth that will give you perfect results every time. Simply clean your pearls using one of the moist tissues – taking care not to wet the thread – then dry them with my Pearl Polishing ...; Purchase / More info ››
PC216 € 2.50
£ 2.27
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Microfibre Jewellery Polishing Cloth

These washable Microfibre Polishing Cloths are ideal for cleaning all gold and platinum jewellery, silverware and many other delicate items, including spectacle lenses. Size 12.5x17.5mm; Purchase / More info ››
MC266 € 2.06
£ 1.87
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Diamond Polishing Cloth

Gently polish your diamond jewellery with this remarkable cloth.All it takes is a moment! What’s more, because the fabric’s washable, you can use it time and time and again. 30cm x 30cm; Purchase / More info ››
DP174 € 6.40
£ 5.81
ex VAT More info / Purchase
TT113 S Cutlery Rinse B

Silver Cutlery Cleaner 600ml

This easy-to-use silver rinse comes with its own specially-designed dipping basket, which makes cleaning silver cutlery a simple task. Simply place your cutlery in the dipping basket, leave it for a couple of minutes, rinse it in running water and you'll get w...; Purchase / More info ››
SC113 € 9.00
£ 8.17
ex VAT More info / Purchase
TT003 S F 200g G

Silver Foam Cleaner 200gms

Silver foam polish comes complete with its own sponge applicator. It's excellent for cleaning silver cutlery, ornate and decorative silver and more heavily tarnished items. A gentle buffing with a silver polishing cloths will keep your silver looking clean and...; Purchase / More info ››
SF003 € 7.40
£ 6.72
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Jewel Sparkle Tissues

Keep all your precious gold and jewellery sparkling bright with these handy tissues. Tissues can be used at any time, anywhere. 10 Tissues; Purchase / More info ››
JS184 € 3.90
£ 3.54
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Silver Polish Tissues

STONISHING ANTI TARNISH SILVER POLISH TISSUESEach one of these handy tissues contains anti-tarnish silver polish.Ideal for cleaning smaller silver items and silver jewellery. 10 tissues.; Purchase / More info ››
SP182 € 3.90
£ 3.54
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Perfect Pearl Care Tissues

These handy tissues make the perfect partner for perfect pearls and classic costume jewellery. Pearl care tissues can be used any time, anywhere. 10 Tissues.; Purchase / More info ››
PC183 € 3.90
£ 3.54
ex VAT More info / Purchase
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