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T 1479V 700x448

Tanita Scales

Tanita’s 1479V has an electrostatic capacitance load cell, which makes this super pocket-sized scale feather-touch sensitive. Backed by a three-year guarantee, the 1479V pocket/miniscale is 100% accurate every time. Features include a tare/weight function, a...; Purchase / More info ››
DNS1479 € 70.00
£ 63.54
ex VAT More info / Purchase
TW 100 SL 700x450

Scales Budget Pocket

This very popular scale has a stainless platform and three easy to use function buttons. There is a blue backlit display and the clear detachable lid/tray allows you to weigh your commodities in a confident and accurate way. It has a 600 gram capacity and 0.1 ...; Purchase / More info ››
DNS600 € 11.00
£ 9.99
ex VAT More info / Purchase
CS 2000 700x2

Scales Calculate the Price

This calculating scale makes weighing gold a breeze. Enter today’s gold price. Enter purity from 8ct to 24ct. Then the scale displays the weight and value. It couldn’t be simpler. With a capacity of 2000 grams and a resolution of 0.1 grams, it’s your per...; Purchase / More info ››
DNS2000 € 25.00
£ 22.69
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Pocket Scales 350g

This lightweight digital scale is compact with easy to use function buttons. The side sliding tray is detachable leaving a stainless steel platform and is a very popular model with four modes. 350 x 0.1g; Purchase / More info ››
DNS350 € 13.00
£ 11.8
ex VAT More info / Purchase
DD 500 700x450

Pocket Scales 500g

This dual display scales provides the option to compare weights in grams with another mode, such as carat, grain and pennyweights. It also has a counting feature. 500 x 0.1g; Purchase / More info ››
DNS500 € 15.00
£ 13.62
ex VAT More info / Purchase
MC100300dpi 562x450

Mini Scales

New to the On Balance Myco range, this small black miniscale has easy to use buttons and a green black light. The lid which is detachable acts as protection as well as a useful tray for weighing. 100g x 0.01g  Net weight: 69 gDimensions: 8.8 x 5.9 x 2 cm; Purchase / More info ››
DNSM100 € 8.00
£ 7.26
ex VAT More info / Purchase
MP 2 562x450

Mizar Diamond Tester

Positive identification of loose stones, stones set in rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets etc. Any size from 0.2 carat up. Two way indication by way of a sound as well as a level meter light.  A low buzzer warns you when the probe touches metal.; Purchase / More info ››
DNS211 € 84.00
£ 76.25
ex VAT More info / Purchase
NV 2000 700x448

Scales 2kg

The scale has a large stainless steel platform, 4 easy to use function buttons and a green backlit display for a clearer view of the weighing quantity. Most importantly it comes with two large weighing trays both acting as a lid and protection to the overall s...; Purchase / More info ››
DNSV2000 € 19.00
£ 17.25
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Diamond Scales

This ultra precise carat scale which comes and a soft zipped case with 50g and 20g weights, tweezers and now include a gem bowl. It weighs up to 50g with a 0.001g resolution. Net weight: 166 gDimensions: 13.2 x 7.5 x 5 cm; Purchase / More info ››
DNCS250 € 50.00
£ 45.39
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Notebook Scales 2kg

A robust scale with a large stainless steel platform which opens like a book. This scale has six modes and a large backlit display. The four key function buttons are raised and easy to use. The 2000g capacity will help to weigh your larger commodity items The ...; Purchase / More info ››
DNSP2000 € 17.00
£ 15.43
ex VAT More info / Purchase
PRS100Straight300dpi 562x450

Mini Scale 0.01g

This miniscale has a stainless steel platform making up the entire platform. With its shiny feel and heat sensitive buttons, it is very attractive, aesthetic pleasing and provides excellent weighing accuracy in six different modes. 100g x 0.01g Net weight: 110...; Purchase / More info ››
DNPR100 € 14.50
£ 13.16
ex VAT More info / Purchase
Tuff Weigh Digital Pocket Scales 01g 100gm

Scales Rubber Case

From On Balance this portable precision Tuff-Weigh digital scale is cut out for your toughest jobs! It’s cram packed full of features such as: – 100 grams capacity, 0.01 gram resolution – Orange hard plastic case with rubber grips – Extra-large 14mm di...; Purchase / More info ››
DNSF100 € 18.00
£ 16.34
ex VAT More info / Purchase

Scales With Tray 1kg

This quality scale has raised and padded function buttons to the right of the display. The removable cover fits securing over the platform and doubles as a tray. In addition to six weighing modes, it also boasts a counting function. 1000 x 0.1g; Purchase / More info ››
DNS1000 € 15.00
£ 13.62
ex VAT More info / Purchase
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