Dix Jewellery Tools & Equipment

Scales & Stone Testers

Scales Calculate the Price CS2000 Scales Calculate the Price
€16.00 ex VAT
Pocket Scales 350g DX-350 Pocket Scales 350g
€13.00 ex VAT
Pocket Scales DY-100 Pocket Scales
€13.00 ex VAT
Pocket Scales 500g DD-500 Pocket Scales 500g
€9.00 ex VAT
Diamond Scales CT-250 Diamond Scales
€55.00 ex VAT
Tanita Counter Scales KD200 Tanita Counter Scales
€40.00 ex VAT
Scales Rubber Case TUF-100-BK Scales Rubber Case
€18.00 ex VAT
Mizar Diamond Tester DD-1 Mizar Diamond Tester
€86.00 ex VAT
Diamond Tester Presidium BR4622 Diamond Tester Presidium
€135.00 ex VAT
Presidium Digital Tester For Stones GTT720 Presidium Digital Tester For Stones
€265.00 ex VAT
Scales Counter Top WA-5000-BK Scales Counter Top
€65.00 ex VAT
Diamond Tester Dalman TD-1 Diamond Tester Dalman
€40.00 ex VAT
Presidium Moissanite Tester 56.724 Presidium Moissanite Tester
€140.00 ex VAT